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Sterilization Testing/ Compliance Products

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Autoclave Sterilization Testing

Autoclave Sterilization Testing

Product Code: SBI-01

Price: $15.00

Shipping: $5.95

Global Autoclave Compliance Testing Services provides advanced testing and certification of your autoclave sterilization effectiveness, at a frequency you select.
The service provides you with a convenient spore testing ampule in a unique design which will challenge steam penetration in your sterlization process. After sterilization, the test ampule is sent to Global Autoclave Compliance (postage paid) for determination of sterilization effectiveness and certification of testing results.
Regular spore testing is recommended by the CDC, and the Global Autoclave Process will meet any local or state testing requirements.  Ideal for Health Care and Emergency Services Providers, Dentists and Veternarians. 
One Time, Weekly, and Monthly testing packages are available. Please select the number of test cycles you would like when ordering.  Test ampules, return postage/packaging, post lab reports and 24-7 customer service will be provided.

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