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Eyewash and Burn Care Stations

Be prepared for emergencies. An ever-present danger is the risk of dust particles or small foreign objects finding their way into someone's eyes. Providing for immediate care must be a top priority. The fastest and safest treatment is to flush the eyes with a sterile buffered solution.

Our Eyewash Stations contains 16 or 32 ounce bottles of the highest quality, sterile, buffered eye irrigate available. Because bottles should not be re-used after they have been opened, we provide modesty-priced refills for these wall-mounted stations. Station dimensions: (32-oz stations) 13-7/8" long by 12-7/8" high by 4" deep, (16-oz stations) 12-7/8" by 11-1/2" by 3-3/4" deep.
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Double 16-oz eyewash station  
Product Code: HP1699 
Wall mounted eye wash station.  Contains 2- 16 oz. containers of eye irrigate
mounted for easy access in Plastic wall mount case.   Irrigate solution replacements see HP51007
1-5 6 +
$28.50   $22.50  
Shipping: $5.95

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Eyewash and Skin Care Station -Two 16oz Solution Containers  
Product Code: 1699 
Wall Mountable Double Container Eyewash and Skin Care Station.  Contains two 16 oz. tamperevident  bottles of Sterile Isotonic Buffered Saline Solution for emergency irrigation of the eye or skin.  Replacement solution  available as part number HP51077.  
1-5 6 +
$28.50   $22.95  
Shipping: $5.95

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Single 16-oz eyewash station  
Product Code: HP1698 
Single 16 oz. bottle of eye wash solution mounted in plastic wall mountable case. Eye wash refills , see HP51007  
Price: $27.25
Shipping: $5.95

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Eye and Skin Wash Station - 32 oz Solution Container  
Product Code: 1696 
Wall Mountable Eye and Skin Care Station contains one 32 oz single use tamper eveident bottle of  Sterile Isotonic Buffered Saline Solution for effective emergency irrigation of the eye or on the skin. Replacement
bottles of solution available. See part number HP51032
Retail Price: $29.50
SALE PRICE: $17.95  * On Sale *
Shipping: $5.95

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Refill, 16-oz eye irrigate  
Product Code: HP51007 
1-23 24 +
$8.95   $7.95  
Shipping: $5.95


Refill, 32 oz. Eye Irrigate  
Product Code: HP51032 
Price: $12.95
Shipping: $5.95


Wall Moutable Eye Care Station  
Product Code: 1700 
Wall Mountable Eye Care Station.  Contains necessary eye care items for emergency treatment of eye injury or exposure to caustic substances. Each Station contains:
                           16 oz. tamperevident eye and skin wsh solution
                             4 oz. tamperevident sterile saline solution
                              1- Instant Cold Compress
                              1 Eye Cup
                              1 Pair gloves
                              8- Eye Pads and Tape Strips
                              4 -Anteseptic BZK Towelettes
                              5- Eye Drops/Moisturizer
All supplies are replaceable  
Price: $36.95
Shipping: $5.95

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Emergency Burn Care Station  
Product Code: 1800 
Wall Mountable Emergency Burn Station.  Contains refillable emergency tratment supplies for burns and injuries.  Each Station includes:

16 - Adhesive Bandages, plastic 1" X 3"
6 - Adhesive Bandages XL 2" X 3"
6- 1/8 oz Burn Jell
4- Burn Dressings 4" X 4"
4 - 2" x 3" Certi non stick pads
1 - Junior cold pack  5" x 7"
1 - Rescue Blanket 52" x 84"
1 - Water Jell Burn Dressing 2" x 6"
1 - Water Jell Burn Dressing 4" x 4"
1 - Water Jell Burn Dressing 4" x 16"
1 - Certi tape 1/2" x 2-1/2 yard roll
1 pair Nitrile Gloves
1 - First Aid Facts Guide (Card)

Price: $48.30
Shipping: $5.95

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Displaying 1 through 8 of 8 products.

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