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Disinfectants / Spill Containment
Looking for a quick and easy way to clean up and deodorize potentially dangerous blood and body fluid spills? Look no further! Red Z is available in a flip-top shaker bottle allowing for the controlled distribution of powder onto the spill. Just shake Red Z directly onto the spill and within seconds the spill has been solidified. The granulated gel can be scooped up with no splashing, spraying, or dripping. The unique immobilization technology makes Red Z the leading spill control solution in the industry.

Also available in 3.5 and 17.5 lb buckets and 50 lb drum. Other Safetec spill containment products (Green Z, Yellow Z, and Speedy Clean) are available on special order. Call for pricing.
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Green Z Spill Control Solidifier ( Body Fluids, Chemical, Mercury)  
Product Code: ST42010 
A versatile and incenerator friendly fluid solidifer than can be used for containment and clean-up of body fluids, chemicals, and mercury spills. Useful  in hospitals, laboratories, nursing homes and for schools and law enformcent. Shaker top container. Please specify your choice of container size when ordering.    
Price: Based on Selection
Shipping: $5.95

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Red Z 15 oz Shaker top bottle  
Product Code: ST41103 
Retail Price: $14.95
SALE PRICE: $12.95  * On Sale *
Shipping: $5.95
Qty  Bottle/Case


Red Z Spill Containment Powder- 3.5 Lb Pail  
Product Code: ST41115 
Price: $39.50
Shipping: $5.95

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SaniZide Plus 1 gallon bottle  
Product Code: ST34815 
1 gallon bottle. 4 bottles per case
Fast acting, multipurpose, broad spectrum germicidal Solution.  Alcohol free, non - flammable, non-corrosive.   
Note: shipping cost for one bottle within the U.S. is typically $8.95.  Case quantities will be shipped at actual cost.
1-3 4 +
$17.50   $14.95  
Shipping: $5.95
Qty  Bottle/Case

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SaniZide Plus 16 fl oz Spray Surface Disinfectant  
Product Code: ST34805 
16 fl oz spray bottle. 12 bottles per case Spray Surface Disinfectant  
Price: $6.50 Per Bottle/Case
Shipping: $5.95
Qty  Bottle/Case

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SaniZide Plus 2 fl oz Spray Surface Disinfectant  
Product Code: ST34800 
2 fl oz spray bottle. 24 bottles per case. Pocket sized spray surface disinfectant.  
Price: $3.25 Per Bottle/Case
Shipping: $5.95
Qty  Bottle/Case

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SaniZide Plus 32 fl oz spray Surace Disinfectant  
Product Code: ST34810 
32 fl oz spray bottle. 6 bottles per case.  Surface disinfectant.   
Price: $8.75 Per Bottle/Case
Shipping: $5.95
Qty  Bottle/Case

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Red Z -5 oz Shaker top bottle Spill Control  
Product Code: ST41101 

Safetec Red Z  (5oz. plastic container) hazardous spill control for water-based fluids.  Unique encapsulator powder will quickly solidify blood and body fluids for easier clean-up, handling and disposal of fluids.  

Price: $6.50 Per Bottle/Case
Shipping: $5.95
Qty  Bottle/Case

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Multi-purpose Spill Containment Kit  
Product Code: ST15201 
Safetec Multi-Purpose Spill Kit solidifies galllons of various spills.  The easy to carry and store plastic case fits easily behind a truck seat or in a spill response cart.  Complete spill containment preparedeness for industiral and medical transportation and spill response teams.  This kit meets requirements for compliance with DOT hazordous discharge: EPA 623.30 immediate action and 263.31 discharge clean-up. 
Kit includes: 
15 oz. Green Z
15 oz. Alky
15oz. Acid Lock
8 oz. Petro Lock
1 pair safety goggles
1 respiratior
1 18" X 21" Zammie Sewer Stopper
3 scoop/scrapers
1 roll casution tape
1 drop cloth
3 thirty gallon bags
1 pair nitrile gloves
1 D.O. T. Incident Report Form 
Price: $199.50
Shipping: $5.95

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Displaying 1 through 9 of 9 products.

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