Disposable CPR Mouth Barrier

Disposable CPR
Mouth Barrier

This is for emergency use only by persons properly trained in
CPR and in the use of this device.

This CPR mouth barrier provides protection for both rescuers and patients. The built-in one-way valve provides the minimum air flow resistance, so more air gets to the patient. The valve has zero back flow, with an instant shutoff in reverse direction, so the rescuer doesn't get the patient's exhausted air or vomit in their mouth. It is clear so the rescuer can see the victim's mouth. Size 7" x 7" with 1.5" breathing tube.

    Use instructions:
  1. Determine whether the victim is in need of CPR.
  2. Tilt the victim's head back and lift the chin to allow for air passage.
  3. Place long tube of the barrier into victim's mouth on top of tongue facing the "This Side Up" sign toward rescuer.
  4. Hold sides of mouth barrier down against victim's face to help form a seal.
  5. Hold victim's nose closed with fingers.
  6. Begin performing CPR, making sure that rescuer's mouth is securely positioned over victim's mouth. Watch for vomiting which may obstruct air passage.

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