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Equipment and First Aid Bags for First Responders, EMTs, and Other Emergency Medical Personal

This fine selection of equipment and first aid bags and soft cases produced by Pacific Emergency Products are covered by a five year warranty on materials and workmanship. They are made of Dupont Cordura Plus that is exceptionally lightweight and resistant to punctures and rips. They use 3M Scotchlite Reflective material for increased visual awareness. Plastizote Foam withstands repetitive impacts and provides an impervious barrier to fluids and moisture. The cases have replaceable bottoms. The first part of a soft kit to wear out is the bottom, so replacement bottoms extend the life of the case considerably. The shoulder straps employ a "Wideloc" shoulder system to withstand greater pressure than conventional "D" ring style hook and clasp system. The kits use YKK self-repairing coil zippers that are the strongest zippers on the market. The handles are leather to insure the longest and most comfortable handle for transporting your kit.
Stock color for the cases is RED. Optional case colors include: ORANGE, BLUE, and GREEN.

All these features add up to these being the best medical soft cases available on the market.

A700 First Responder Kit

First Responder Kit

Easy access to the top compartment, adjustable dividers, and lots of elastic storage loops make this rugged performer an ideal "First Responder Kit".
* Contents shown in kits are not included

Stock # A700 ..... Click here for prices or to order.

A900 Deluxe First Responder Kit

Deluxe First Responder Kit

A larger version of the A700, this First Response Kit provides equal advantage for accessing your supplies and provides additional storage for an integrated module.

Stock # A900 ..... Click here for prices or to order.

A800 Multi-Purpose Responder Kit

Multi-Purpose Responder Kit"

The A800 is a versatile, multi-purpose kit ideal for agencies that require all of their first-response supplies in one easy access kit.
* Contents shown in kits are not included

Stock # A800 ..... Click here for prices or to order.

A200 Deluxe Ambulance Personal Kit

Deluxe Ambulance Personal Kit

A rugged performer that offers numerous elastic loops and pouches for quick and easy access.
* Contents shown in kits are not included

Stock # A200 ..... Click here for prices or to order.

A400 Compact Ambulance Personal Kit

Compact Ambulance Personal Kit

A compact kit configured to save busy EMS workers valuable time by making equipment easier to access.
* Contents shown in kits are not included

Stock # A400 ..... Click here for prices or to order.

1. These kits are made and shipped from Canada. To expediate delivery we have them drop shipped directly to you via UPS. UPS requires the customer to provide a contact phone number and Federal ID number (or Social Security number for individuals) for importing into the United States.
2. Contents shown in kits are for reference and are NOT included. Most of the items shown are individually available on our main web page.
3. Other products manufactured by Pacific Emergency Products are available upon reguest.

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