Res-Q-Vac Hand Powered Emergency Suction device Carrying case for Res-Q-Vac Hand Powered Emergency Suction device

Hand Powered Emergency Suction

The Res-Q-Vac is a powerful hand-operated suction device that fits right in the palm of your hand. It delivers sterile, hospital style suction. It is light weight and small enough to fit in your emergency response bag. The reusable hand-powered suction pump handle provides greater than 500 mm Hg vacuum and connects to a sterile disposable container. The rigid Yankauer facilitates placement without a laryngoscope. The adult kit contains the Res-Q-Vac pump, adult bottle adaptor, cap with endotracheal adapter, rigid Yankauer, and 240 ml container. A separate red carrying case is available as an option.

Stock #AP2014 ........ adult size Res-Q-Vac ................. Click here for prices or to order.
Stock #MM47357 ... red carrying case .......................... Click here for prices or to order.
Stock #SC4018 ........ refill catheter and canister ........... Click here for prices or to order.

Neonatal/pediatric size units available.
Replacement rigid Yankauer and containers available.
Res-Q-Vac had a price increase effective 9/2001

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