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Police Field Guide

Product Code: FG-PD

Price: $23.95

Shipping: $5.95

The Police Field Guide offers instant access to vital information for all police, corrections, and reserve officers, including supervisors & commanders. It puts critical response information at your fingertips for acts of domestic terrorism, critical incidents, EMS/first aid, criminal investigations, court appearances, and much, much, more! Only 3" x 5" the 6 color, Police Field Guide™ easily fits in a shirt pocket, and is waterproof, alcohol-fast, and durable.
  • Patrol / Tactics
  • Terrorism Response / WMD
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Clandestine Drug Labs
  • DUII / Drug Impairment
  • High-Risk Traffic Stops
  • EMS / First Aid
  • Officer Safety / Use of Force
  • Vehicle Pursuit
  • Crime Scene / Homicide
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Spanish Commands
  • DNA Evidence
  • Suspicious Packages / Bombs
  • Critical Incident Guides
  • K-9 EMS / Hostage / More!
The Police Field Guide is an essential tool for every member of the law enforcement profession.