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Portable Field Power Supplies

Portable Power Source ( Titan I)

Portable Power Source ( Titan I)

Product Code: T001

Price: $139.95

Shipping: $5.95

Experience a new level of convenience, portablility and flexability with the 
Titan I.  Small and lightweight ( 4.8 oz.), yet this device can power two different items of gear simultaneously( one from the USB 5 volt port, another on the 9 volt FireWire port) while the TitanI itself is being charged. The proprietary energy management system of the Titan I can vastly increase run time of DC-powered devices more than 10 times over ordinary lithium-based external batteries. 
Power all of your gear in the field or vehicle. Virtually any DC power device can be recharged or powered with the TitanI.  Cell phones, GPS devices, PDA's, Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, camcorders, or handheld games,  i-Pods(all models), Mp3 players and much more.   Dual output voltages, 5v(USB) & 9v (Firewire).  No need to carry multiple chargers.
This package includes the Titan I Power source, 110v (plug-in ) charger, carrying case with belt clip and magnetic clasp, USB extension retractable cable, USB cross connector cable, 6volt booster, and six of themost popular cell phone adapters*.
2 year warranty.
* Cell adapters included:  Nokia- all models, Mororola-V series, Sony/Ericsson - T28 ,models, Samsung - A288 models, DoCoMO, CDMA